I’m a Mom. A good friend. A coffee lover. A word nerd. A life-story enthusiast.

I’m a Technical Writer by profession.

A poet because I cannot help myself.

Poetry seeps out of my heart far more often than prose. Or is it image-rich prose? Or prosetry? Did I just make up a word? Nope. A quick glance at the Urban Dictionary says it’s a thing.

When I write it is as William Wordsworth encouraged, “fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.” And so I will. I must.

Poetry is my first love. It’s the way I think. If someone’s first language is French and they want to study the English language, everything they read or say must be twice translated. Your first language is always where you translate from. And so it is with poetry and me.

The challenge of being a Technical Writer is to first weed out the images in my head and then just write the words. For a poet, concision takes practice. But as I was taught, if you can master reading and writing poetry, you can master reading and writing anything.

I’m glad you found me. Enjoy. Connect. Let’s play with words.