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2020 Thoughts

Ten things I’ve learned/thought in 2020:
-I really HAVEN’T seen it all.
-Having Bronchitis during a pandemic = insanity.
-2020 Riots should be called “Mask-a-raids”.
-I have a new appreciation for homeschool parents.
-I’m so happy I got a mask to match my cute new leopard print flip flops.
-I’ll never take TP for granted again.
-I’d totally watch a reality show about the family reunions that happen post-pandemic. After the 11 days it took to get test results back (negative), my family hugged me like I’d been gone for years.
-Self-quarantine is not for the weak.
-One of my favorite parts of having church online is when they show bloopers afterwards. Just sayin’.
-Is it 2021 yet?