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Resetting My Life

I’ve had some life-altering experiences recently, which brought me to some major realizations. I’ve been wrong about some things. Instead of walking a path I thought God had me on, I’ve realized I was on the wrong path altogether. I’ve been on a path I wanted to walk down…and in the process, I’ve broken my own heart.

So I’m taking time to sort through some questions I have. I’ve been taking some necessary steps to be more balanced.

One thing I have been weakest in on this journey is my dependence on my phone and on social media. I have needed a break from both. There’s nothing on social media that helps me, and I do little there to help others while I’m this heart-broken and hurting this badly.

Today I went to IKEA with my daughter. As we were paying for her new dresser, I took my phone and my wallet out of my pocket. I noticed my phone was acting strangely. It turns out I must have hit the button to reset it to factory settings, because that’s exactly what happened.

I probably said, “you have GOT to be kidding me,” at least a dozen times while reinstalling all of my apps. The app I use to connect to my work’s VPN was the worst hassle – that alone cost me about an hour on the phone with tech support.

In the end, though, I did not reinstall Facebook or Pinterest or Instagram or any of my social media apps.

I feel like this happened for a reason. I need to take a break. So I am taking a break.

The past 3 nights I’ve been filling up my pen and paper journal with Psalms, scriptures, thoughts, questions, and prayers.

And I plan to continue. I’m on a 40 day journey to healing. It’s time for more than my phone to reset.

It’s time to reset my whole life.

If you’re reading, please pray for my journey. I’m sure this blog will post to my social media accounts but I won’t be checking responses there.

Until next time, God bless you.

I love you.