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Wait Lifting #7 – Rest Stop

Have you ever come to the conclusion that you’ve been headed toward something for so long that it’s just time to stop a minute and rest?

Me too.

This past weekend I took a long road trip with my daughter.

Every 2 or 3 hours I’d pull the car into a rest stop, we’d get out and stretch our legs, grab a cup of coffee, and people watch. Then we’d get back on the road for another 3 hours before stopping again.

I learned it’s okay sometimes to stop and rest. I learned that I’ll eventually get to where I’m going, but if I don’t slow down, stop, stretch my legs a bit, and fill up my tank, I’ll be too tired and too out of fuel to finish the trip.

My life feels like that right now. I’m on a long journey right now to a destination that is going to be beautiful, but sometimes it’s just necessary to stop and rest for a moment.

I’ve come to the conclusion that my heart’s tank is on empty. I simply cannot handle one more heartache. I’ve run my heart’s engine too long pursuing love and it’s just time to stop and rest awhile.

Perhaps it’s even time for a longer stop than just a rest stop. I need to let my heart cool off and heal before I journey on.

This may only make sense to me. That’s okay. Sometimes this blog is more like a journal for me than encouragement or information for anyone else.

I’m parking my heart for a while. And it’s okay.