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Identity Thieves, Fake News, and Blueprints

Good afternoon. Happy Costume Day (aka: Halloween). Today I went to work with several “Hello, My Name Is…” stickers on my shirt, but none of them said my name. I went as an Identity Thief. One of my co-workers had the word FAKE on her shirt and wore a newspaper skirt and came to work as Fake News. Trump would have tweeted about us.

I love Costume Day.

I’ve realized lately that my life is a bit related to both fake news and an identity thief. I say that because in a few friendships I have right now, I’ve realized this friend and I had been trying to build one house (relationship) with two entirely different sets of blueprints.

Note: this is about to be me at my most transparent.

I wonder how many arguments, hurts, and disappointments are caused by this very issue. How often do we just assume the other party has our mindset and so we just go down a path toward a building a relationship only to stumble when we realize one of us is building a home for the two of us to live in while the other is building a park for the two of us to play in?! And what mayhem might occur if, at the same time, the same park builder was building a home with someone else who was actually thinking they were building a park together?? Nobody wins.

It’s hard to change blueprints mid-project. We need to be on the same page.

Life happens so fast. It is difficult when friends make a plan together and then one just abruptly changes plans or decides to go their own way. It leaves the other person solely responsible for whatever they were building.

I don’t have real solutions here. Life isn’t a sitcom that resolves itself in 30 minutes.

What I’m saying here is, perhaps we should have more real, honest expectations-on-the-table-conversations right up front. I think it would save us all some frustration.

That’s all I have for today.

Please, y’all – all treats. No tricks.

Be safe tonight.



Mom. Word Nerd. Friend.

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